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FlowMeter Filter

General Information
This DirectShow filter is for monitoring the data throughput of a FilterGraph as it is running. It is designed to work with the VirtualVCR application but it is also useable on its own to monitor data throughput of a running FilterGraph in GraphEdit.

It has a simple properties page that is accessible when inserted into GraphEdit as follows:

The filter will start with a value of zero for Bytes and Samples and as samples and Bytes as passed through the filter the counter keep track of the values.

Example with GraphEdit
The following is a sample with two FlowMeter filters in a play back graph:

When run the filters will keep track of the samples and bytes that pass through them.

Sample Results
Here are some sample results from the play back graph above:

Filter Results File Results Difference
Video Bytes 676218499 676048896 169603
Audio Bytes 45684072 45575168 -108904
Total Bytes 721902571 721985536 82965

The filter results come directly from the properties pages of the FlowMeter filters in the FilterGraph, the file results are from VirtualDub file information. Logo