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Video Crop Filter

General Information
The video Crop filter is designed to crop the edge off a video frame and then pass that frame along in the FilterGraph. You set how many pixels you want cropped from the top, bottom, left and right edge and the filter will remove them from the frame making the output frame smaller.

Properties Page
The filter properties page allow you to enter the crop settings, if the filter is in a filter graph it will show you what the input frame size currently is and what the new output size will be.

Some compression filters and video render filters require the frame size to be multiples of 2, 4, 8, 16 or 32 depending on the filter in question, you should experiment to see that results you get.

I use this filter to crop my 488x576 capture down to 480x576 for conversion to SVCD.

Also some colour formats require multiples of 2 of colour information is split across two pixels.

Persistent Properties
When this filter is used with Virtual VCR in the Pre Filter Setup the properties are saved and reloaded when the Virtual VCR application is closed and then opened again. Logo